Case Studies

Field Trial Alaska

Well Abandonment with Wel-lok™ TS

Identification of problem:

Provide a gas tight seal as a long term solution during well abandonment, reducing corporate liability and potential environmental impact, utilizing the Wel-lok™ technology. This concept of using this technology had previously been proven in a laboratory environment but had yet to be field tested in an actual well.

Conventional elastomer based bridge plugs and cement have been used for this purpose but neither provide a true, long term seal that is non-corrosive, gas tight and/or compatible with all downhole fluids and gasses.

  • 15 Wel-lok™ TS seals were run in multiple wells all set inside 4.5” tubing.
  • 3 different wellbore temperatures
  • 3 different well deviations

Tools were deployed, set and pressure tested successfully. The Wel-lok™ technology was proven to be successful beyond a laboratory environment.

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