Case Studies

P&A Application in Canada February 2018

Well Abandonment with Wel-lok™ TS

Identification of problem

A client had attempted to abandon the producing zone of a well with traditional methods of setting a bridge plug inside the 4 ½” production casing and spotting cement on top. The production casing continued to build pressure and bubble were seen at surface, preventing the client from continuing their abandonment of the well.

Provide a permanent, gas tight seal.

Wel-lok™ TS was set inside the 4 ½” production casing to provide a permanent, gas tight seal in the well.


After being set in the well the seal was successfully inflow tested with no increase in pressure or bubbles over a 10-day period. Previous monitoring had show pressure build up and gas bubbles at surface within 24 hours prior to setting the TS. This was the first commercial field run of BiSN’s Wel-lok™ technology in Canada.

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