Case Studies

P&A Application in Norway North Sea February 2018

Well Abandonment with Wel-lok™ STC

Identification of problem

This well required a gas tight seal in both the 5 ½” production tubing and tubing x 9 5/8” production casing annulus.

Traditional methods of circulating cement balance plugs does not generate a gas tight seal. In order to continue with the abandonment of the well, the operator needed to ensure the well was free of pressure and gas.

The production tubing was perforated and a Wel-lok™ STC was set in the well to provide a gas tight seal in the tubing and casing.


The tool was successfully set and provided isolation in the 5 ½” x 9 5/8” annulus, further proving Wel-lok™ technology could be utilized for annular isolation in multiple sized completions.