Case Studies

Repair of Leaking DV Tool West Texas (Permian Basin) June 2015

Well Completion with Wel-lok™ CLS

Identification of problem

A client was attempting to pressure test a casing cement job after pumping the second stage of cement through a DV tool and found the ports on the DV tool had not properly closed. The leak off through the DV tool prevented the client from verifying the quality of the cement in the well.

After sealing the cementing ports, the ID of the DV tool had to be drilled out to drift and maintain pressure integrity to achieve a positive pressure test and resume completion of the well for production.

A Wel-lok™ CLS was set inside the 7” DV tool across the cementing ports.


After setting, the CLS was milled out to casing drift ID leaving only bismuth alloy in the cementing ports to seal and the client successfully pressure tested the well to 7,000 psi before continuing on with the completion of the well. This was the first commercial field run of BiSN’s Wel-lok™ technology.

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