Case Studies

Repairing a Production Packer for a Supermajor Operator in Alaska

Intervention with Wel-lok™ Packer Repair Tool (PRT).

A supermajor in Alaska had a well with a leaking production packer in the A annulus between 3.5” tubing and 7” casing. The operator wanted to repair the packer without requiring significant workover.


To repair the production packer in situ, bismuth alloy beads had to be injected in the annulus from surface. These beads then fell down to stack up on top of the leaking packer. Logging was completed to confirm the placement of the beads in the annulus.


BiSN deployed bismuth alloy beads in the annulus from surface to stack up on top of the failed production packer. Once the beads were injected, logging was completed to confirm that the beads had reached the production packer and were in location to form an annular plug.

A thermite heater was then deployed inside the 3.5” tubing to setting depth. Once at depth, the thermite heater was activated to melt the bismuth alloy in the annulus. The thermite heater was then removed from the well, leaving full through bore in the tubing. The packer repair plug was then successfully tested to confirm that the plug was set.


  • Packer repaired without need for expensive workover
  • Annular packer set in 3.5” x 7” A annulus
  • Significant cost savings for the operator

Business Value

BiSN provided the customer with a highly effective, in situ packer repair solution. This significantly reduced repair costs, and was performed on eline, eliminating the need of a rig to repair the packer. BiSN was able to help the operator reduce HSE risks, operation time, and cost.