Case Studies

Suspension Plug Application in UK North Sea November 2017

Well Intervention with Wel-lok™ TS

Identification of problem

Two V0 rated mechanical plugs had previously been set in this well as suspension plugs but gas continued to leak past them to surface.

The well had 5” tubing that with a kink in it which prevented full drift tools from passing through. This required a tool with a maximum OD of 3.0” to seal inside a 4.276” ID at 130 °C.

A Wel-lok™ TS tool was set inside the tubing above the previously set mechanical plugs.


This tool was qualified to 7,000 psi at our testing facility in Houston, TX. After being run in the well, it was successfully pressure tested to 1,400 psi in addition to a negative pressure test which confirmed there was no longer a gas leak to surface.