Case Studies

Water Shut Off from a TLP in Offshore Angola July 2019

Well Intervention with Wel-lok™ WSO

Identification of problem:

A client in Angola, Africa, was experiencing excessive water production from the lower zone of 2 separate subsea wells with open-hole gravel pack completions.

The 2 wells had different completion sizes and the operator wanted to utilize the same size tool for both wells. The first well had a 5” OHGP assembly inside 9 ½” open-hole and the second had a 5 ½” OHGP assembly inside 8 ½” open-hole.

Rigless interventions were performed, running a Wel-lok™ WSO from a TLP on e-line and set inside the base pipe of each well, sealing through the base pipe and gravel pack screen and mixing with the proppant out to the open-hole formation.


Initial results reported by the client is that each well has at least doubled the oil production and significantly reduced the water cut.