Case Studies

Zonal Isolation Plug Application in Azerbaijan May 2018

Well Intervention with Wel-lok™ TS

Identification of problem

A client needed to shut off a producing zone in order to perforate and produce from a zone higher in the well.

The well was full of base oil and the tool needed to pass through a 3.5” ID stinger assembly before setting inside 5” tubing at an inclination of 75°. This required a tool with a maximum OD of 3.25” to seal inside a 4.276” ID at 75 °C and withstand 2,500 psi differential pressure.

A Wel-lok™ TS EXD tool was set inside the tubing on telecoil.


This tool was qualified to 5,000 psi at our testing facility in Houston, TX. After being run in the well, it was pressure tested to 2,800 psi, successfully shutting off production from the unwanted zone.