Finalist for ICoTA Intervention Award 2017

BiSN’s Wel-lok M2M™ is selected as Finalists for ICoTA Intervention Award.

The directors of BiSN are proud to announce that their application for the ICoTA Intervention Technology Award has been selected as one of the finalists, leading up to the annual SPE/ICoTA Coiled Tubing and Well Intervention Conference and Exhibition to be held later in this month.

BiSN entered their Wel-lok M2M™ WSO – Water Shut Off tool which is a ground breaking innova-tion in the field of downhole metal to metal sealing technology. Used at the Intervention Stage of the well, energy is harnessed from a modified thermite powered chemical reaction heater to melt bismuth based alloys. As these alloys have a similar viscosity to water in their melted form, they flow, fill and mould into downhole leaks. As the bismuth alloy cools it expands and sets with properties similar to ice resulting in a gas and water tight seal. One of the benefits of this sealing solution is that it penetrates the screen and annulus into the surrounding gravel pack creating a permanent barrier to any water flow. For more details on the problems this sealing solution can solve and its benefits to corporates and field engineers alike see our website page on Intervention Solutions.

BiSN joins the likes of Schlumberger and Baker Hughes as previous finalists of this coveted award. The ICoTA Intervention Technology Award is recognised in the industry as an established and respected way of embracing and highlighting innovative product developments in the mar-ket. It recognises outstanding technical innovation and the application of that technology for well intervention. According to the award criteria set by the association, to reach the final list, applications need to demonstrate “reduced risk, increased production, improved safety or mini-mised environmental impact”. BiSN’s Wel-lok M2M™ WSO – Water Shut Off tool addresses all these issues so it is perhaps not so surprising to find it amongst the finalists.

The CEO of BiSN – Paul Carragher stated the recent successful deployments of the WSO tool is testament to a successfully working partnership between the operator, BiSN and the wireline service provider to complete a difficult operation in a flawless manner. As this particular innova-tive tool in the Wel-lok M2M™ range has only been in development since 2015, it has experienced unrivalled success in an industry where product to market times are regularly ten years and above. With the backing of some of the biggest players in the industry the acceptance of the Wel-lok M2M™ technology is already well underway with interest already shown by a number of major operators.

For more information or to discuss your water shut off sealing requirements you can contact BiSN; or call us



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