Meet the Team Ben Camarata

Our employees are the core of BiSN, and it is their passion and drive that makes our mission possible. Because the people are what make our company what it is, we wanted to introduce our employees through a ‘Meet the BiSN Team’ series which will profile many of our talented workforce and give a bit of an insight to what they do for us on a day-to-day basis.

We recently spoke to Ben Camarata, our Alloy Team Lead.

1. How long have you worked at BiSN?
15 months

2. What does your role entail?
I work in our Alloy department as the Alloy Team Lead, so my role involves supervising the alloy department by managing the work flow to meet the expected completion dates and making improvements to the casting processes. Bismuth alloy is a huge part of our business, so it’s important that our department is turning out high quality work.

3. What is the best thing about working at BiSN?
At BiSN your thoughts are always heard, and the company is forward thinking. They are always open to new suggestions and we are afforded the resources to experiment with making improvements.

4. What is the most exciting part about your job?
I love working in a research and development (R&D) environment; there’s no monotony, every single day is different.

5. Are there any key lessons that you’ve learned from your time with BiSN?
I’ve learned the value in taking a step back and brainstorming improvements with the alloy technicians. They all have wonderful ideas.

6. What challenges have you faced within your role?
Learning how polish and analyse soft alloys, like bismuth, and learning how to improve the casting process while still maintaining its tolerances, have been big challenge for me. I also faced the task of producing shot made from our “hi-temp” alloy, which was a definite learning curve for me.

7. What does your working day look like?
My day involves a lot of planning, reviewing work orders and ensuring that we have all of the components required. I’m constantly looking at and thinking about new ways to improve efficiency of the alloy department operations. On occasion, I’ll suit up and help the technicians complete work orders, which is a nice change of pace. I often spend time analysing microstructures and to help provide the principal engineers with data.

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