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Our employees are the core of BiSN, and it is their passion and drive that makes our mission possible. Because the people are what make our company what it is, we wanted to introduce our employees through a ‘Meet the BiSN Team’ series which will profile many of our talented workforce and give a bit of an insight to what they do for us on a day-to-day basis.

We recently spoke to Jim Spurr, Field Operations for the Eastern Hemisphere

1. How long have you worked at BiSN?
I have worked with BiSN since November 2018.

2. What does your role entail?
I operate out of the UK BiSN office where I manage and perform field operations, predominantly in the Eastern Hemisphere.

3. What is the best thing about working at BiSN?
I like the fact that I am able to see a tool built through the entire manufacturing process, from machined piece parts and loading the heater with a thermite mix, to the finished product. Often, I’ll see the tools again at the client’s wellsite and run the tool for its intended application like I did for many of the 54 tools we ran as part of a P&A campaign in Australia for a major operator.

4. What is the most exciting part about your job?
I really enjoy travelling and executing our field operations. It’s great to liaise with the clients, offer technical support and discuss our operations. I also like to hear about the positive results first-hand, whether it be a pressure test after setting our plug downhole, or a significant reduction in water cut and increase in oil production following the successful deployment of our WSO tool, like we’ve done multiple times in Angola.

5. Are there any key lessons that you’ve learned from your time with BiSN?
There’s a large emphasis on attention to detail across our engineering, testing and manufacturing departments. It’s not “just a plug”, everything is finely tuned and proved to the client’s well parameters and specifications to ensure success in the field. This attention to detail has kept me busy successfully running our field proven tools around the world.

6. What challenges have you faced within your role?
Working with a product line that ranges from a 1 3/8” OD, 10kg Wel-lok™ TS tool to a 50ft and 18” OD Wel-lok™ STC tool weighing over 15 tonne has brought many challenges across the board, but nothing we haven’t risen to and overcome.

I’m particularly proud of being involved in bringing new product innovation to market and into the field, like our Wel-lok™ Maximum Drift (MXD) tool. In some through tubing applications, a challenge often found is the need to pass through a restriction and to further seal in a large diameter casing. I ran the first commercial operations of this MXD tool for clients in Norway & Australia, where both runs were successful and objectives achieved.

7. What does your working day look like?
When in the UK, I commute into Manchester where we assist with the manufacturing of the tooling. The typical working week will include a conference call with a client ahead of any upcoming campaigns, where we can touch base with all parties, update on the schedule & delivery etc.

Away from the UK, work will be really busy offshore, and we will do everything we can to prepare to run our tool on time and without any unplanned event. This will include reporting to the client, to our BiSN team in the UK and Houston, organising logistics and managing the field personnel assigned to operations.

8. Outside of work, how do you like to spend your time?
As I work away for the majority of the year, I really value quality time at home with the family. I am married and a father of three sons, so there’s never a quiet time in the Spurr household!

I’ve always had a love for flying and I’m qualified in aeronautical engineering, so I’ve just started working towards obtaining my Private Pilot License (PPL). I enjoy fishing and I’m learning how to golf again.

Alongside all of that, I have found a passion in property, so I keep busy sourcing investment opportunities in Wakefield, West Yorkshire for local, national and international investors.

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