ICoTA Lunch & Learn, Advancement of Metal to Metal Downhole Sealing incl WSO in Open Hole Gravel Packing (OHGP)

Advancement of Metal to Metal Downhole Sealing incl WSO in Open Hole Gravel Packing (OHGP): We are pleased to announce that all ICoTA USA Members & Colleagues are invited to attend our upcoming Lunch & Learn scheduled for Tuesday, May 9th at the Norris Conference Center in Houston, Texas.  For planning purposes, pre-registration is appreciated.  Seat is not guaranteed without payment.  Lunch will be served starting at 11:30 followed by the  presentation at noon.

Advancement of Metal to Metal Downhole Sealing Including WSO in Open Hole Gravel Packing (OHGP)  Presented by Paul Carragher, CEO, BiSN Oil Tools – You can find out more about our CEO Paul Carragher by either viewing his LinkedIn profile, or by clicking the link to see his profile page on the BiSN website.


BiSN has harnessed the energy available from a thermite-powered chemical reaction heater to deliver an expandable, malleable metal alloy that helps solve long standing downhole sealing challenges.
The technique utilizes a unique combination of a thermite powered chemical reaction heater and various bismuth based alloys deployed using standard oilfield methods. Thermite provides the energy to melt the bismuth alloy and the heavy liquid bismuth flows, fills, and molds into downhole leaks.  The bismuth then, with expansion properties like ice, expands and seals the leak on solidification.
The combination of the energy from the thermite heater and the expandable metal alloy can provide a significantly superior sealing solution compared to the traditional methods of cement, epoxy or elastomers in gravel packs, open hole and other irregular configurations.  This presentation will provide details on the various applications and results from recent field trials.

Please feel free to forward this invitation to your co-workers and colleagues. For information on other events, please visit the BiSN Events Page.


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