New tool manufactured and delivered in just four days

During the abandonment of a well, off the California coast, a major operator identified that traditional cement wasn’t providing the quality of seal they desired, as the well was leaking gas up a cemented annulus – we acted fast to ensure the well was abandoned with no environmental impact. 

By leveraging our unique alloy-based Performance Barrier Technologies platform, we were able to manufacture and deliver a tool up to the job, in just four days – with over 5,000 pounds of bismuth-based alloy – to seal out an 18 5/8″ casing.

As an alternative to traditional cement plugs, this was the fourth tool successfully deployed during their current P&A campaign on addressing leaking gas in cemented annuli (vent flow). Even the first to get the seal of approval from the local whales!

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In the energy world, you’ll read many stats. Here’s some more for you: 300. For BiSN, that number is the culmination of 12 years of hard work.

OWI Global Awards Winners

Using our patented BiSN Wel-lok™ technology, our team set a world record for the heaviest bismuth alloy plugs ever – providing a permanent, gas tight, non-permeable seal with a 3000+ year life expectancy – infield tested and delivered ahead of schedule for our customer.

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