WINNER of the ICoTA Intervention Award 2017

BiSN win Prestigious ICoTA Award for Water Shut Off Tool

BISN is a leading provider of wel-lok™ downhole sealing solutions to the oil and gas industry. Utilising their in-house groundbreaking modified thermite heater, BiSN is breaking the mould of traditional usage of elastomer seals and cement plugs for water shut off in oil and gas wells. As an innovative and dynamic organisation providing new solutions to some age old problems, BiSN has the capacity to react to market demands. With experienced engineers as part of their team, they are finding multiple applications for their unique sealing wel-lok™ technology.

Award Winning Intervention Technology

Confirmation that the wel-lok™ technology has the potential to revolutionise the industry was received when BiSN were not only selected as finalists for the ICoTA Intervention Technology Award, but were voted winners ahead of 13 other entries all from innovative businesses competing in technological solutions for well intervention. The ICoTA annual conference and exhibition held in March, attracted over 1600 attendees with an estimated 95% of these from the oil and gas industry. Entering the competition with the wel-lok™ WSO (Water Shut Off) tool, BiSN impressed the judges by the speed at which this new innovation has already been applied in the field, in a market notorious for reticence in the uptake of new products. The panel also recognised the value of BiSN’s wel-lok™ WSO capability to reduce local environmental impact and improve production whilst providing the engineer with an easily deployable tool. The high statistics of well life extension data undoubtedly helped to confirm this BiSN tool as a firm winner. The management of BiSN would like to thank the contribution from the operator and wireline service company involved in making the operation such a success.

ICoTA Intervention Award

ICoTA’s Intervention Award panel is a team of respected representatives from the industry. The objective of the award is to champion “the application of new intervention technologies which demonstrate; reduced risk, increased production, improved safety or minimised environmental impact”. Paul Carragher, CEO of BiSN was delighted to receive the recognition of the hard work and long hours he and his team have put into developing and promoting the innovative wel-lok™ technology over the last few years. “BiSN already has received backing from some key investors in the field as you will see from our website, but this award helps to really put BiSN on the map and will show all the major operators that we are serious about our innovation and it really does work in practice in the field. We hope that this achievement will open more doors for development and promotion of our technology across all stages of the well in the imminent future.”

In fact, as winners of this award, BiSN will be invited to present at other intervention and industry events throughout the year not only in the US but in Canada and Europe too. This achievement also enables the winner to have the opportunity to present at future ICoTA conferences for the next four years. ICoTA & SPE have been championing well intervention and coil tubing with this annual conference for 21 years, with substantial year on year growth making it one of he most popular events in the industry’s calendar. It is an ideal forum for showcasing new products and solutions combined with some thought provoking technical sessions and training courses. Using bismuth based alloys and thermite in the downhole environment BiSN has a portfolio of innovative products aimed at tackling some of the most difficult issues faced by the oil and gas industry.

What is the BiSN Technology?

The uniquely developed BiSN technology, branded ‘wel-lok™’ simply put means sealing the well with a gas-tight seal. It has been run in numerous locations around the world in both on and offshore environments. To find out more details about its various applications see the website In the meantime here is a bit more about this innovative technology;

Technology Development – a potted history

Using bismuth based alloys to seal in downhole conditions was first tried by the Schlumberger brothers back in 1930’s using electrical heaters. It was continually tried using electrical heaters through the 1960s to 1990s, but without realistic practical implementation due to the time it takes for the heating process to take effect, as well as limitations on deployment depth and the specialist wireline equipment required to run the electrical heaters at that time.

What does BiSN do differently?

BiSN use modified thermite heaters, which makes this a game changing technology reducing the heating time required from hours to minutes and eliminates the need for any specialist wireline equipment, with no restriction on deployment depth. This is branded wel-lok™ with patents pending.

For more information or to discuss your any of your well sealing requirements you can contact BiSN; [email protected] or call us +1 832 919 7500 (US), +44 (0)1928 597807 (UK) or +47 930 49013(Scandinavia).

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