Wel-lok™ technology in action

Watch a quick demonstration [under 1 minute] of the real Wel-lok™ technology in action and see how a BiSN chemical reaction heater deployed downhole can melt custom BiSN bismuth based alloys, before being retrieved, demonstrating the unique properties of the Wel-lok™ expansion under cooling to form a v0 seal.

The melted alloy uses gravity and flows like water to take the form of the casing, then expands as it cools to create a gas-tight (V0) seal, illustrated by the cracking of the original glass casing.

BiSN patented technology has now been deployed more than 300 times in both on and offshore contexts, a number that increases daily.

Want more information on this sustainable, downhole technology? Visit the BiSN technology page and learn more about how we are creating tomorrow’s downhole solutions, today.