Pedro Goncalves - BiSN

Pedro Goncalves

Field Service Manager
"It is an honour, to be part of a revolutionary technology that is allowing the industry to rethink their approach on well design, workover, and abandonment. BiSN brought into the business a game changing product that requires a peculiar and intellectual approach, from its early planning stage to the delivery at the client’s asset. One of my favourite parts of the role, is the pedagogical component of it and how exciting it can be passing the knowledge of something new and remarkable as BiSN’s technology."

Pedro is an oil & gas professional with considerable experience in the industry. His background in electromechanical engineering had provided him with essential and additional competences that enables Pedro to perform a distinctive service, utilizing BiSN’s tooling and technology. His brief military experience had contributed for Pedro’s resilience and capacity to handle frenetic periods, where assertive and prompt decisions have to be taken.

Key Credentials
  • 9+ years’ experience in the Oil & Gas Industry
  • Drilling and Workover Experience
  • Vast global exposure, covering operations in most of the regions and for the main operators
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Electromechanical Engineering
Role with BiSN

As part of the UK based Team, Pedro is the Field Service Manager for the Eastern Hemisphere, and he is responsible for the field operations in the region. Pedro has also been a vital player of BiSN’s establishment in southern America and its operations.

Career History

With almost a decade of oil & gas industry experience, Pedro had initiated his career as a wellbore surveyor, where he gained substantial experience and knowledge of the industry, in various geographical zones. With BiSN, Pedro initiated his path as a field engineer, where he competently continued to progress to his present management position.

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