Rob Ferguson - BiSN

Rob Ferguson

Senior Field Engineer
"I feel very privileged to have joined BiSN at the time I did. It enabled me to witness substantial growth of the company and it’s highly rewarding to know that I’ve played an integral part in it. My role in the field team brought me much sought after variation, challenge and satisfaction. Countless times, I’ve been immersed in BiSN’s high profile trials and campaigns, working closely with the industry’s giants, and stretching me in new ways. I’m proud of my accomplishments gained with BiSN to date and love the role that I do."

Rob is an oil and gas field engineer with a background in well surveying and well plugging operations. He has extensive global deployment experience with offshore, land, rig and rigless oilfield operations, working with many notable industry leaders and lesser-known companies alike.

Key Credentials
  • Expert at running all BiSN alloy sealing services and deployment configurations
  • Accustomed to slickline, wireline, coil/ecoil tubing and drill pipe deployments
  • Experience worldwide in all terrains and climates
  • Set many of the BiSN’s first commercial tool type deployments, firsts for operators / regions
  • Competent directional survey specialist in use of gyroscopic surveying tools for O&G wells
  • BEng Honours in Mechanical Engineering
Role with BiSN

Rob is a Senior Field Engineer with BiSN, being responsible for field deployments of all BiSN services to operators globally. As one of the longer serving field team members, he is often involved with high profile / new service deployments, and helps more recent field team members globally with training and field support.

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