Vicente Antonelli - BiSN

Vicente Antonelli

Field Engineer
"I find immense satisfaction in my work offshore with BISN. As a field engineer, each day brings new challenges, from meeting clients to exploring new locations and overcoming unforeseen obstacles. Yet, amidst the dynamic environment, the greatest reward emerges from the collective effort of our team. With precision and dedication, we consistently deliver a service of exceptional quality, setting a high standard that not only meets but exceeds client expectations. It's this commitment to excellence that forms the cornerstone of our success, fostering trust and satisfaction among our clients with every project we undertake."

Having served as a field engineer for industry leaders such as Weatherford, Gyrodata, and Halliburton, I’ve accumulated vast international experience in proficiently operating Gyro tools and MWD/LWD tools. Throughout my 13-year career journey within the Oil & Gas sector, I’ve navigated both onshore and offshore environments, encountering a diverse array of challenges and opportunities. This multifaceted experience has not only honed my technical skills but also cultivated a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in executing projects across various geographical and operational settings.

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