Wing Soon Fong - BiSN

Wing Soon Fong

Field Engineer
"It has always been an enjoyment for me to be able to carry out field operations globally and educate myself on new technology on site, and to utilize that knowledge to improve and provide better solutions for the clients."

Fong is a field engineer with experience in inflatables, providing and designing solutions for various well operations globally. Fong’s role involves performing field operations and providing technical support to clients on site and from Perth facility.

Key Credentials
  • Knowledge in utilizing inflatables for engineering solutions.
  • Managed teams in performing engineering tasks from client’s enquiry to product delivery.
Role with BiSN

As a Field Engineer, Fong is tasked with performing field operations and to coordinate with the engineering team to ensure client requirements are met.

Career History

A highly motivated individual with experience in providing optimal solutions for various operations/program in both O&G and Mining sector for clients across the globe. Fong’s commitment in providing high quality work ensures that client’s requirement is always met.

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