Production Enhancement

Working in partnership with a number of major operators in offshore environments across the globe, BiSN engineers have developed an effective water shut-off solution for sand screen and open hole gravel pack completions (OHGP).

With our patented BiSN Wel-lok™ technology at its core, the system has been proven to reduce water cut and increase oil production – even in wells that previously produced 100% water.
Reduce Water Production in Existing Wells with Wel-lok™ WSO

How it works

Unlike any other solution on the market, the BiSN Wel-lok™ WSO (Water Shut Off) tool seals the annulus and the wellbore in a single operation without the need to perforate or punch the sand screen. The melted alloy fills the annulus leaving a significant reduction in water flow.


  • Reduced intervention costs
  • Reduced water handling costs
  • Extends production life of the well
  • Increased oil production
  • Non-corrosive and not affected by H2S or CO2
  • Reduced contingent liabilities
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Temperature ranges up to 150 °C

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