Learn more about BiSN technology by watching in depth videos describing how Wel-lok™ technology works.

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BiSN Alloy Manufacturing

BiSN Houston

Explore BiSN's Houston facility and learn how BiSN is developing new technology to help operators solve complex downhole solutions using Wel-lok™ technology.

BiSN Wel-lok™ Alloy

Flows like water, V0 gas tight seals in minutes. With a carefully cultivated mixture of alloys, we create a fast and precise sealing method that’s non-corrosive, better for the environment, and expands on solidification, creating a gas-tight seal.

Wel-lok™ technology in action

Watch a quick demonstration [under 1 minute] of the real Wel-lok™ technology in action and see how a BiSN chemical reaction heater deployed downhole can melt custom BiSN bismuth based alloys, before being retrieved, demonstrating the unique properties of the Wel-lok™ expansion under cooling to form a v0 seal.

Packer Repair Tool – PRT

BiSN’s Wel-lok™ PRT has been carefully developed to create a superior seal in the production annulus and reduce operating costs. No matter where you are in the world, our well interventions tool has been there, sealed quickly, and increased the oil production of the well in one trip.

Cement Repair Tool – CRT

Our Wel-lok™ CRT (Cement Repair Tool) eliminates casing pressure and vent flow in cemented annuli. While traditional methods of perf and squeeze require surface pumping pressure, our CRT solutions are designed to run rigless on electric line to eliminate gas migration in minutes.

Seal Through Casing – STC

BiSN's Wel-lok™ PRT (Packer Repair Tool) seals multiple annuli in a single run by creating a new seal in the production by casing annulus. Sealing a production annulus with a PRT™ eliminates the need to remove a production string from a well to replace the packer, reducing operator costs and downtime while introducing a superior seal in the well.

Water Shut Off – WSO

BiSN’s Wel-lok WSO (Water Shut Off) in wells tool is the next step in well solutions technology. Patented and proven in the field, this revolutionary tool reduces unwanted water production from wells that have sand screen and open hole gravel pack completions (OHGP).

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