Does your well abandonment sealing solution comply with ISO 14310?

The expert engineering team at BiSN are very proud of their innovative new technology, the patent pending Wel-lok M2M™, which is breaking with standard sealing traditions practiced in the field for the last 100 years. The same technology has also won the ICoTA Intervention Award and has been tested to the highest level of international standards achieving VO ISO 14310 accreditation.

The key requirement at the abandonment stage of the well is to fit a reliable and secure bridge plug. Traditional elastomer and cement bridge plugs are well known amongst field engineers to experience higher than ideal failure rates, time consuming methods of deployment, involve using challenging materials and have a risk of gas migration. The solution to these issues lies within the new BiSN Wel-lok M2M™ technology which when used as a sealing solution for well abandonment will prevent all these issues from occurring. For more information see our website https://bisn.com/bisn-abandonment-solutions/.

What are the advantages of the BiSN Wel-lok M2M™ Abandonment Seal?

The award winning Wel-lok M2M™ technology was originally designed for use at the abandonment stage of the well to replace the traditional bridge plug and eradicate the issues of failure and unreliability highlighted above. So what does the Wel-lok M2M™ do differently and how does that benefit the engineer and the operating company? Instead of relying on preformed seals or inflexible materials, the Wel-lok M2M™ uses metal to metal technology to form a long lasting gas tight seal. By using melted bismuth alloys, the molten mixture flows into the area requiring sealing filling even the smallest gaps barely visible and remaining there to provide a permanent gas tight seal as it cools and sets.

In summary, the Wel-lok M2M™ downhole seal provides:

  • a permanent seal for abandonment using metal to metal technology
  • peace of mind as it is accredited to VO, the ultimate level of ISO 14310 accreditation
  • security of high holding pressures (up to 10,000 psi)
  • faster application than traditional plugs – ready for testing within one hour
  • seamless gas tight seal by using bismuth alloys
  • larger drift than traditional plugs with additional options available
  • zero risk of contamination through deterioration, as the alloy is inert
  • retrievable without milling by reversing the melting process
  • a secure seal even used in damaged or corroded casings as the molten alloy has the viscosity of water and will
  • flow into and then cool to fit any shape


For more information and to discuss your potential requirements for using the VO ISO 14310 accredited Wel-lok M2M™ seal for well abandonment or indeed any other sealing requirement, contact us on +1 832 919 7500 or email info@wordpress-818198-2854663.cloudwaysapps.com.