About BiSN

BiSN’s unique Performance Barrier Technologies allow operators to solve unwanted downhole flow issues once and for all – sealing across the life of the well with confidence to assure uptime, improve production, extend well life, protect the environment and ultimately to abandon safely.

BiSN - About the TeamBiSN - About the Team


To provide unique barrier solutions that protect the earth’s natural resources.


To be the global standard for truly permanent gas tight sealing solutions.


The BiSN Team live and breathe these values. Join us.


We look to the future. We find tomorrow’s solutions, today. As proud inventors, we embrace change and apply the latest advancements to all we do

We identify issues that no one else anticipates. Individually we are problem solvers, and enthusiastic engineers to the core. Collectively we are industry disrupters, unapologetic about our passion for cutting-edge solutions.


Innovation should never come at the expense of safety. We don’t compromise when it comes to regulations. We don’t believe in taking shortcuts.

As a global company we respect and care for our biggest asset – people. As a business we expect individuals to apply that same respect to each other. Protection and care will be the foundation on which we push our innovations.


That foundation of safety endures through our dedication to renewable solutions. We set the bar for cost-effective and sustainable products and challenge the industry to meet our standards.

These gold standards inspire our employees to cultivate their own sustainable practices. They maintain our key principles of respect, positivity and a passion for problem solving. By adhering to these principles, we all benefit from business, personal and economic growth together.


Across all departments, from a new challenge to the most established procedure, excellence is second nature to us.

Collectively we ask – does this meet our quality standards? Does this help to define BiSN? Individually we ask – am I proud to put this out into the world? Will this stand the test of time?


We push forward with drive and determination. Not because it is expected of us, but because we believe in it one hundred percent. Our energy is contagious. It inspires those around us to deliver the same passion.

When we apply a positive mindset to everything we do, we cease to push the industry forward and begin to lead it by example into the future.

Join an industry leading team

If you’d like to be a part of a dynamic, growing company that offers great benefits, promotes a strong safety culture and encourages innovation, view BiSN’s open jobs.

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The Founding

BiSN was founded by Paul Carragher in 2010 in Irlam, Manchester (United Kingdom).

The idea of using bismuth downhole had been around for 100+ years but nobody could make it a reliable downhole commercial product due to the difficulties in activating and controlling the heat required to melt and set the alloy.

Paul believed the solution was to be found with modified thermite and this unique heater and alloy system is at the core of wel-lok™ today.

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The Name

The BiSN name (pronounced Bee-eye-ess-en) is derived from the chemical symbols of two metals used in the first alloy of the wel-lokTM technology, Bi (Bismuth) & Sn (Tin).

Growth & Funding

Having pitched the technology in every major oil & gas region on the planet with lots of interest but without funding success, one last conference in San Diego led to a fortuitous meeting with ConocoPhillips in Norway and the first round of funding. Investors from Schlumberger, GE & BP joined in later funding rounds and form the institutional investors of BiSN today.


BiSN employs around 100 staff in facilities across North America, United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East & Australia.

We are proud to say we’ve completed successful deployments of our barrier technology in every major oil & gas region in the world and with a broadening portfolio of products we can apply our technology to all stages of a well’s lifecycle, from completion through interventions to maintain, remediate and enhance production and on finally to permanent abandonment.

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Businesses worldwide are benefitting from BiSN's well services in the field. Contact us today and embrace tomorrow's engineered sealing solution, today.

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