Our Technology

Performance Barrier Technologies from BiSN utilize new eutectic sealing alloys — enabling precise placement of a high endurance, metal to metal gas-tight seal

As the foundation of our multi-award-winning Wel-lok™ systems, the BiSN technology platform brings efficiency, simplicity and sustainability to our suite of tools, and comprises:

Engineered eutectic alloys that flow like water to fill downhole leak paths without pumping

Enclosed thermite element delivering controlled heat for precision melting and solidification in minutes

Range of conveyance options offering deployment flexibility without specialized surface equipment

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New eutectic alloys create the ultimate barrier: one that won’t shrink, develop channels or crumble away over time. A seamless material with the non-porous structure of solid metal that’s unaffected by temperature, pressure or aggressive fluids. And once it seals, it stays. Forever.

How It Works

The bismuth based alloys are run in hole (RIH) using various tools depending on the application

Once located at the depth in the well where the sealing is required, a modified thermite powered chemical reaction heater is utilised to heat the alloy until it melts. The chemical reaction heater can be run on any standard wire equipment without the need for any modifications. The power required to start the reaction is 240 volts and 60 millamps for approximately 15 seconds.

The molten alloy has a viscosity similar to water which allows it to flow and fill the void it is intended to seal.

It then sets as it cools producing seamless downhole sealing solutions for a variety of applications within 30 minutes. This unique sealing technology can be applied in the drilling, completions, interventions or abandonment stages of a well.

Product in Action

See how our technology works

BiSN Wel-lok™ technology consists of utilizing a modified thermite heater to melt a bismuth based alloy that cools and expands on solidification. Some of the advantages of this technology are:

  • Seals wells with patented metal to metal technology
  • Heater uses a thermite chemical reaction that is non-explosive, no special licenses or handling permits required
  • Can be deployed on any standard wireline without special connection
  • Bismuth has a viscosity similar to water when melted in the liquid state allowing it to flow into the smallest of areas including cement micro-annuli
  • Bismuth expands on solidification which creates a V0 gas tight seal in accordance with ISO 14310
  • Bismuth is non-corrosive, environmentally friendly and is not affected by H2S, CO2 or acid washes
  • The seal is created within minutes and ready to test within one hour