Eliminate Gas Migration in Cemented Annuli

During fracking and the production life of a well, cement behind the production casing can become compromised and develop channels, cracks or micro-annuli which allows gas to migrate to surface and leads to sustained casing pressure. In many regions, regulatory bodies require this pressure be mitigated before fracking can occur or production can resume, resulting in lost production and, in many cases, immediate abandonment of the well.

Wel-lok™ offers operators a rigless solution to eliminate SCP using only a wireline unit. This avoids causing permanent damage to the production casing or introducing a restriction in the well from using a casing patch.

The alloy will fill the micro-annuli in the cement to seal the annulus and eliminate SCP without any pumping or injection needed. After milling out the plug inside the casing to full drift ID, the solid alloy left in the perforated holes will restore the integrity of the casing, so a casing patch is not required.

Wel-lok™ Cement Repair Tool (CRT)

The Cement Repair Tool represents a faster, simpler and longer lasting alternative to traditional methods of repair. The tool is run rigless on electric line, sealing through casing perforations so that section milling is not required. The alloy flows under gravity like water, solidifying to create a non-porous seal in just minutes.

If fullbore access is required, the solid alloy can be milled out while still retaining a gas-tight seal in the annulus.

Importantly, BiSN Wel-lok™ technologies eliminate the possibility of additional micro-annuli being formed over time, putting a stop to future gas migration once and for all. For well abandonment applications in particular, any other cement repair is a temporary fix.

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Dive deeper, explore the Wel-lok™ CRT (Cement Repair Tool)

The Wel-lok™ CRT (Cement Repair Tool) was developed to eliminate sustained casing pressure, or casing vent flow, in cemented annuli.

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