Seal Perforations in Cased Hole Completions

When operators have open perforations that need to be isolated, either to produce from another zone or during well abandonment operations, squeezing cement or resin is a common method. However, if the formation is too tight to inject, wellbore temperatures are high, there is a large void behind the casing or they are working in a remote location where mobilizing a rig or coil tubing unit is not possible, this method cannot be utilized.

Wel-lok™ offers the ability to isolate perforations when squeezing is not possible. Due to its low viscosity and high density, no pumping or injection rate is required and its nature allows the alloy to bridge off in a voided annulus, leaving a solid plug in the perforation tunnels for full isolation.

If access below the “squeezed” perforations is required, the Wel-lok™ plug is easily milled and full bore ID of the casing can be achieved without compromising the integrity of the plug.

Wel-lok™ Perf-lok

Perf-lok is a smart alternative to a squeeze. Unlike typical cement squeezes, the Perf-lok system does not require high pressure pumping for placement, as the alloy flows into perforation tunnels under gravity due to its viscosity and density. Perforations are plugged with a V0 gas-tight seal, free from the leak paths that result from poor cement jobs.

For production wells where fullbore access is required inside the casing, Perf-lok can also be milled out, leaving behind a long-term seal within the perforations, thanks to its unique expansion properties.

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The Wel-lok™ Perf-lok was developed to isolate perforations in a cased hole completion for zonal isolation or well P&A.

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