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Seal Safer & Protect Forever with wel-lok™ in your permanent reservoir sealing tool box, ensuring your end-to-end CCS project success.

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In the fast-evolving landscape of Carbon Capture (CCS), BiSN offers unsurpassed permanent sealing solutions you can count on, not just for today, but for milennia. Major Operators and Service Companies looking to deliver large scale end-to-end CCS projects on the road to Net Zero need wel-lok™ technology in their suite to ensure all your hard efforts aren’t undone by leaks now or in the future.

How Can BiSN Help

BiSN offers a critical solution for oil and gas operators engaged in Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) projects. Utilizing our advanced Performance Barrier Technology, we specialize in permanently sealing wells—from the surface to the reservoir—using wel-lok™. Our expertise is invaluable for addressing older, corroded, and damaged wells, ensuring they become secure storage sites for CO2. Additionally, we enhance the integrity of new injection wells, guaranteeing they remain sealed throughout the injection process and well into the future. Trust BiSN for ensuring the safe and effective storage of captured carbon.

Unparalleled Sealing Excellence

With over a decade of commercial experience in partnering with operators on hundreds of global permanent gas tight barriers, BiSN is your trusted sealing partner. Light years ahead of traditional sealing methods, but using materials first explored by pioneers the Schlumberger Brothers more than a century ago, BiSN has the technology, patents, staff and expertise to take all the headaches out of the key sealing stage of CCS projects.

BiSN Active CCS Projects

BiSN is currently an active partner in 5 major CCS projects around the globe.

BiSN active areas of CCS

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“CCS is a high priority for BiSN. wel-lok™ technology has the potential to have a major positive impact on CCS projects across the globe and BiSN is eager to contribute to this growing and essential industry.”

Paul Carragher, BiSN Founder and CEO

Paul Carragher - BiSN - CCUS

wel-lok™ Technology

wel-lok™ technology from BiSN utilizes new sealing alloys — enabling precise placement of a high endurance, gas-tight seal.

As the foundation of our multi-award-winning wel-lok™ systems, the BiSN technology platform brings efficiency, simplicity and sustainability to our suite of tools, and comprises:

  • Engineered alloys that flow like water to fill downhole leak paths without pumping
  • Enclosed thermite element delivering controlled heat for precision melting and solidification in minutes
  • Range of conveyance options offering deployment flexibility without specialized surface equipment

BiSN Bismuth Alloy - CCS

Engineered Bismuth Based Alloys

Flows like water, V0 gas tight seals in minutes.

With a carefully cultivated mixture of alloys, we create a fast and precise sealing method that’s non-corrosive, better for the environment, and expands on solidification, creating a gas-tight seal.

  • Viscosity of Water​
  • Dense – SG-10​
  • Corrosion Resistant​
  • Expands like Ice

BiSN is Committed to Helping Operators and Service Companies Achieve Their Net Zero Goals

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BiSN CCUS - Green CommitmentBiSN CCUS - Green Commitment
450+ Deployments

A Proven Track Record

With over 450+ commercial deployments of our wel-lok™ technology to date, we have a proven track record of success. While these deployments have primarily been in Plug and Abandonment (P&A) operations, the principle of holding back gas for millennia is applicable to CCS sealing. Our experience speaks volumes about our reliability and effectiveness.

Scalability to Serve the Globe

BiSN has facilities in Houston, the UK, Australia and Brazil along with regional sales offices to support operators and service companies across the globe.

Our Investors

Global Reach, Local Expertise

With a global reach that spans continents, BiSN brings our sealing expertise wherever it’s needed. Whether you operate in North America, Europe, Asia, or beyond, we offer local expertise with global impact. Our commitment to environmental responsibility and safety is unwavering, aligning seamlessly with your sustainability goals.

BiSN is more than a technology provider; we’re your Trusted Partner in the CCS journey.

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Innovation for Tomorrow

BiSN thrives on continuous innovation to stay at the forefront of sealing technology. We invest in research and development, offering you the latest advancements for even greater reliability. In the ever-evolving CCS landscape, we’re your trusted partner, providing solutions that matter.

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