BiSN - About the TeamBiSN - About the Team

Since the company was formed in 2010, BiSN has attracted interest from high-level managers and directors. Today the management team has over 150 years combined experience from across the industry and around the world.

Find out more about these individuals, their professional credentials and what drives them and BiSN forward.

Paul Carragher
As CEO, Paul continues to be the driving force behind the business. He inspires his board and colleagues to apply their innovative Wel-lok™ sealing solution to an expanding number of sealing and plugging issues within oil and gas downhole engineering.
Adrian Weiss
Senior Vice President of Operations
As Senior Vice President of Operations, Adrian is directly responsible for the Operations, Engineering, Production and HSE, Quality, HR and IT senior management team.
Arild Stein
Senior Vice President of Research & Development
As Senior Vice President of Research & Development, Arild will spearhead global R&D efforts and maintain BiSN's leadership in developing advanced oil and gas technologies.
Cory Dennis
Integrations Manager
As the Integrations Manager, Cory is responsible for the set up and management of BiSN production facilities across the globe.
Jacob Dearmon
VP of Operations & Technology
Jacob has responsibility for managing the engineering, research & development, and field operations departments.
Denna Tekell
Production and QA Manager
As the Quality Control Manager, Denna goes above and beyond the quality assurance of products. She works to create an environment where systems and tools are used to facilitate creative and lateral thinking and development.
Colin Wooller
Global Head of Marketing
As Global Head of Marketing, Colin manages a team of creative marketing and technology professionals living, breathing and telling the unique BiSN story.
Robin Hodgson
Sales Director
As Sales Director, Robin’s focus is to lead the Commercial and Business Development teams, implement a growth strategy to provide BiSN Wel-lok™ technologies to our customers worldwide.
Jim Spurr
Global Field Operations Manager
As the Global Field Operations Manager, Jim is responsible for leading and managing the team of field personnel globally, coordinating with engineering team and ensuring that the service delivery exceeds clients’ requirements.

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