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The Warrington facility is the base of BiSN operations and houses both our main corporate office and technology centre. The facility includes research laboratories and a manufacturing plant.

  • 20,000 square feet
  • Corporate office and technology centre
  • 20+ employees
  • In-house alloy and thermite production

Research & Development

BiSN is committed to researching and developing cutting edge new technologies to continuously create new solutions for operators. All of our technology is developed in-house and extensively modeled then tested in exact operator well conditions before being made commercially available to our partners in the field.

Research and development in BiSN's Warrington facility


Alloy plugs are a core offering of Wel-lok™ technology and BiSN metallurgists constantly study different alloys, their properties and applications to offer safer, V0 rated, downhole sealing solutions.

BiSN alloys need to perform in the harshest environments providing a permanent seal that cannot be achieved by legacy offerings such as resin or cement. Therefore the BiSN team is constantly looking for ways to both improve our technology, make its use available for a wider range of operator issues and applications and also develop new alloys to meet evolving challenges faced in different operational environments.

BiSN employee inspecting a new bismuth alloy under a microscope

Heater Preparation

BiSN chemical reaction heater exterior components are manufactured in-house. A crucial piece of Wel-lok™ technology, we take great care to make sure they are manufactured exactly to the specifications required to deliver the correct energy output and duration.

This requires extensive surface preparation and precise component assembly.

Internal and external certification is performed at this stage for assurance and quality control.


Coating the interior of our chemical reaction heaters is an integral step in the production of any BiSN tool. The precision coating provides consistent thermal insulation properties creating a smooth delivery of energy during the thermite burn/alloy melt phases, and ensuring a successful deployment.

BiSN coating a tool at their Warrington facility.

Thermite Manufacturing

Thermite is the heart of our heaters. Uncontrolled thermite however, doesn’t follow the energy output required for successful Wel-lok™ operations, so requires an extensive, patented process to create BiSN’s range of controlled thermite mixtures suitable for use in any downhole conditions.

Designed to produce a prescribed temperature and burn duration, when paired with its partner BiSN bismuth-based alloy, the thermite delivers a highly controlled melt for unrivalled gas-tight plug placement.

BiSN staff in Warrington creating thermite crumble.

Machine Shop

Precision is absolutely essential when dealing with the downhole environment, often high temperature, high pressure or corrosive so at BiSN, we machine our own parts in-house to ensure that we are producing the highest quality for downhole reliability. Both internal and external certifications are completed as a standard part of the quality control procedure.

BiSN employee making a secure and precise drill through a heater pipe.

Alloy Manufacturing

All alloys utilised by BiSN are manufactured in-house for both casted and beads based applications. With the capacity to produce large quantities of alloy suitable for a wide variety of downhole conditions with unique temperature profiles, BiSN alloy is the second core component of the Wel-lok™ technology. Bismuth-based alloy flows like water when melted allowing it flow into the smallest micro-annuli and it expands on cooling to create a permanent V0 gas tight seal. It is also not affected by H2S or CO2 and is naturally not corrosive.

This department also houses an alloy demonstration area where customers can observe micro annuli, bonding, fluid interaction, viscosity and other dynamic practical tests.

Warrington - Alloy

Seal Safer, Protect Forever.

Protecting your production, your people and the environment for the long term demands operators can hold back downhole liquids and gases reliably and definitively.

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Assembly & Finishing

Every part of a BiSN tool is manufactured and produced on site. Once all the elements are ready, our team comes together to fully assemble the tool prior to shipping.

Special external thermal coatings are applied at this stage for additional temperature control before the final quality control procedures are completed.

Wireline, timer, pressure or ball-drop activation electronics packages are created and all tools and accessories are packaged and secured for transit to our field operations teams globally.

Warrington - Assembly

Quality Control

Quality Control is an integral part of BiSN, from engineering and design right down to manufacturing and assembly. Throughout the process various checks are in place to make sure that the tool that will be shipped for deployment is of the highest quality.

Some examples of checks are:

  • Peer checks during the design phase on measurements and calculations
  • Spot thermite testing for formula accuracy
  • Alloy testing during manufacturing and casting
  • Coat consistency and formula testing
  • Third party weld inspections
Quality Control - BiSN Warrington

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