Isolate Zones / Set a Gas-Tight Plug

When a depleted zone requires ‘zonal’ isolation to allow production to continue from higher ‘interfaces/zones’, operators require the need for high expansion seals with high differential pressure capabilities or a short plug/seal due to limited space between zones.

Wel-lok™ offers seals that maintain the same pressure rating regardless of how much expansion is required, unlike other high expansion plugs.

This provides operators the benefit of pressure integrity needed over a very short interval with a short plug.

Wel-lok™ Tubing Seal (TS)

BiSN overcomes the shortcomings of traditional methods of setting bridge plugs using cement, delivering savings in both speed and cost with the Tubing Seal tool.

Developed to be run on wireline, slickline or coiled tubing, the BiSN tool passes through small restrictions such as damaged or crushed casing before setting a gas-tight plug that can be used for isolation, thanks to the BiSN alloy being able to seal a larger diameter with a smaller tool relative to conventional bridge plugs.


  • Reduce intervention costs
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Reduce corporate liability
  • Available in a range of sizes to suit API & non-API tubulars
  • Deploy even in damaged or corroded casing
  • Larger expansion than traditional plugs
  • Non-corrosive and not affected by H2S or CO2
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Dive deeper, explore the Wel-lok™ TS (Tubing Seal)

The Wel-lok™ TS (Tubing Seal) was developed to overcome the shortcomings of traditional methods, using bridge plugs and cement during well abandonment.

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Wel-lok™ Maximum Drift (MXD)

BiSN engineers were challenged to further increase the expansion ratio beyond that of the original system without compromising its pressure differential and gas-tight sealing capabilities.

By incorporating a bailer in its configuration, the tool is able to be deployed on a single run alongside the thermite heater without having to pump beads down from the surface. This allows for a smaller diameter tool to be run in hole while increasing the expansion ratio up to three times the OD of the tool.

The result is a higher expansion ratio than conventional plugs, higher pressure ratings than inflatable packers and gas blocking abilities that cement cannot match.

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Dive deeper, explore the Wel-lok™ MXD (Maximum Drift)

The Wel-lok™ MXD (Maximum Drift) has been specifically developed for rigless through tubing applications.

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