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BiSN Well Plug and AbandonmentBiSN Well Plug and Abandonment

Sets in minutes, seals for millennia

Due to their material construction, elastomer and cement plugs can deteriorate over time, particularly in corrosive environments. Conventional bridge well plugs also have very small expansion ratios that limit their application. And while inflatable packers have high expansion ratios, they lack the differential pressure capabilities required for many oil well abandonments, and cannot provide a gas-tight seal.

Reducing the corporate liability and potential environmental impact of abandoning decommissioned wells demands that fluids are sealed securely and reliably for generations to come.

BiSN has developed more effective well abandonment & plugging solutions for P&A programs with our patented BiSN wel-lok™ technology. Our alloys offer higher expansion ratios than conventional bridge plugs and higher differential pressure ratings than inflatable packers, forming a V0-rated, gas-tight seal that cement cannot provide.

Available in a number of unique toolstring configurations to suit your requirements, the proven BiSN technology behind them is the same.

Seal Through Casing

Seal multiple annuli through casing in a single trip

Cement pumping and placement of conventional balanced plugs is especially challenging in wells with multiple casing strings. And due to cement’s physical limitations as a barrier material, it cannot deliver the long-term gas-tight seal required by today’s operators, or for permanent well abandonment.

Explore wel-lok™ Seal Through Casing

Seal Through Casing


Other wel-lok™ Applications for P&A

Set a Gas-Tight Plug or Isolate Zones

Set plugs and seal off zones permanently from production.

Seal Perforations in Cased Hole Completions

Permanently isolate perforations in cased hole completions for zonal isolation, or as part of your P&A programs.

Eliminate Gas Migration in Cemented Annuli

A simpler way to fix cement failures that allow gas migration.

Case Studies

Successful Shut Off of Multi-Annuli Gas Migration for Permanent Abandonment in Offshore California

An offshore platform located in the Santa Clara field off the coast of California was being abandoned. The wells were experiencing pressure and gas bubbles in the C and D annuli behind the 9-5/8” and 13-3/8” casings.

Sustained Casing Pressure and Gas Bubbles Successfully Eliminated in Permian Basin Well Abandonment (P&A)

The wel-lok™ CRT (Cement Repair Tool) has been developed to eliminate sustained casing pressure, or casing vent flow, in cemented annuli. Unlike traditional methods of perf and squeeze or perf and wash, this tool does not require any surface pumping pressure to squeeze or circulate the sealing material into place.

Eliminating Gas Migration in Cemented Annuli

Well Abandonment with wel-lok™ CRT (Cement Repair Tool)

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