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Well Intervention Applications - BiSNWell Intervention Applications - BiSN

Take decisive action to resolve well issues rapidly and safely.

Given the costs and logistics involved, the decision to perform a well intervention is never taken lightly. BiSN Performance Barrier Technologies make it possible for operators to take decisive action to resolve well issues rapidly and safely. More than a quick temporary fix, BiSN well intervention solutions are engineered for the long term.

By avoiding the need to bring in additional specialized hardware, personnel or pumping equipment BiSN helps today’s operators meet their obligations by keeping the HSE risks, and the carbon footprint of interventions, down.

Enhance Production by Reducing Water Cut with wel-lok™ WSO

The novel solution to high water cut that protects your completion

Watered-out zones affect the economic viability of production wells, not just by reducing oil and gas volumes but through the cost of water treatment and disposal. High water cut can be particularly difficult to resolve in completions that use sand screens and/or open hole gravel packs (OHGP), as the annulus beyond the screen needs to be sealed for the solution to be successful.

Explore wel-lok™ Water Shut Off

Enhance Production by Reducing Water Cut with wel-lok™ WSO


Repair Leaking Packer with wel-lok™ PRT

Extend the productive life of your well

A properly functioning production packer should seal the tubing-to-casing annulus effectively, forcing produced fluids into the completion tubing. Any compromise or failure in your production packer can lead to unwanted downhole flow in the well – creating a potentially hazardous situation calling for urgent remediation.

Explore wel-lok™ Packer Repair Tool

Repair Leaking Packer with wel-lok™ PRT


Eliminate Gas Migration in Cemented Annuli with wel-lok™ CRT

A simpler way to fix cement failures

In cemented annuli, leak paths can develop that allow gas migration. The result can be wells that develop sustained casing pressure, or casing vent flow. Traditional methods of repair such as perf-and-squeeze or perf-and-wash require surface pumping pressure to squeeze or circulate the sealing material into place.

Explore wel-lok™ Cement Repair Tool

Eliminate Gas Migration in Cemented Annuli with wel-lok™ CRT


Other Well Intervention Applications

Repair Damaged Tubing or Casing

Fix well integrity issues once and for all.

Set a Gas-Tight Plug or Isolate Zones

Set plugs and seal off zones permanently from production.

Decrease sand solids in production wells

Eliminate unwanted sand production by isolating both inside the completion string and in annulus.

Seal Perforations in Cased Hole Completion

Permanently isolate perforations in cased hole completions.

Case Studies

Repairing a production casing leak for a Canadian operator

A Canadian operator had a well with a leak in the 7" production casing. The leak zone had good cement behind the production casing but was unable to hold pressure, losing more than 250 PSI over 10 minutes.

Rigless Production Packer Repair in water injection wells in the Middle East

The customer had multiple water injection wells that were experiencing A-annulus pressure due to unseated production packers.
Brunei First in Country Run by BiSN

Reducing Water Cut for a Supermajor Operator in Brunei

A supermajor operator in Brunei had a well producing 75-90% water-cut, reducing the gas production rate of the well. The operator wanted to run a tool through 4.5″ tubing to isolate inside a 7″ production liner.

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