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With the wel-lok™ Water Shut Off Tool

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High water cut in operator wells affects profitability.

High water cut in operator wells significantly reduces hydrocarbon production and profitability while adding the burden of costly water treatments, disposal, and management.

Unlike traditional methods, wel-lok™ technology provides complete isolation across the wellbore, creating a seal in minutes, ready to set within hours without damaging the screen or completion. This leaves the well ready to be put back on production.

wel-lok™ WSO Advantages

wel-lok™ provides a permanent isolation in a single trip as opposed to other chemical treatments, some of which require multiple applications a year to maintain their effectiveness. The application of wel-lok™ technology can save operators significant cost while increasing production and, therefore, profitability. Unlike any other solution on the market, the wel-lok™ WSO tool seals the annulus and the wellbore in one operation without the need to perforate the completion or squeeze the alloy into the open hole annulus.

  • Complete isolation across the wellbore
  • Seals within minutes and ready to test within hours
  • No damage to existing screens or completions
  • Immediate return to production
  • Reduced costly burden of water treatment, disposal and management

Other Traditional Methods

Bridge plugs and packers, for example, only isolate inside the completion allowing water to be produced up the annulus. Resins are difficult to place and face curing issues. Gels and polymer flooding take huge amounts of planning and the time to see if the solution has worked can take months.

Suitable for All Downhole Environments

Suitable for use through screen, gravel pack, slotted liner or perforations and especially effective in OHGP (Open Hole Gravel Pack) and CHFP (Cased Hole FracPack) completions.

wel-lok™ WSO Explained

The BiSN wel-lok™ WSO solution provides an annular seal without damaging the completion in any way. While other solutions can reduce water cut, perforating or punching holes in the screens is required to gain access to the annulus.

wel-lok™ WSO Features

  • Seals the annulus as well as the wellbore with advanced bismuth technology
  • No need to damage the casing with perforation as melted alloy flows through the sand screen
  • Molten alloy is gravity fed, eliminating the need to pump or squeeze
  • Utilises modified thermite chemical reaction heater to quickly melt bismuth based alloys
  • No moving parts means reliable operation
  • No maximum run rate
  • Easy and quick to deploy in a single trip intervention
  • Quick setting time
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wel-lok™ WSO Explained

See how wel-lok™ Water Shut Off (WSO) can increase the profitability of your well.

Key Benefits of Using wel-lok™ WSO for Intervention

  • Reduced intervention costs
  • Reduced water handling costs
  • Extends the production life of the well
  • Increased oil production
  • Non-corrosive and not affected by H2S or CO2
  • Reduced contingent liabilities
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Temperature ranges up to 160ºC
  • Can seal in damaged, irregular or oval tubulars

Key Parameters and Operating Window

Deviation 0 – 82º
Pressure Up to 11,650 PSI
Temperature 50 – 150º C
Conveyance All conveyance methods
Restriction Up to 2.690″
Setting ID 2.992″ – 8.5″
Sealing ID 3.598″ – 9.5″

Over 450 Deployments Worldwide

BiSN wel-lok™ technology has been deployed globally for plug and abandonment, intervention and production enhancement.

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