Eliminate Gas Migration / Sustained Casing Pressure in the Well Annulus

Brunei First in Country Run by BiSNBrunei First in Country Run by BiSN

Sets in minutes, seals for millenia

Well shut in due to sustained casing pressure (SCP) or the development of future casing vent flow when the cement in the annulus ultimately degrades, causing the development of micro-annuli, can have immediate effects on production. Safety regulators require the elimination of SCP and Wel-lok™ TDAP provides a simple, fast and cost-effective solution. These issues traditionally require multiple expensive interventions and have the potential to weaken the casing string and well as restrict your ID.

With considerable cost savings, Wel-lok™ TDAP can be activated during the production phase, to prevent shut in due to SCP and can also be activated during abandonment to avoid multiple perf & squeeze attempts or section milling. Preinstalled during completion the TDAP can be activated either immediately or at a later date using a simple Wel-lokTM chemical reaction heater.

Wel-lok™ Thermally Deformable Annular Packer (TDAP)

Installed as part of the original case string, the Thermally Deformable Annular Packer (TDAP) can be used immediately as a primary barrier to seal the annulus or if your workflow demands it, a secondary insurance policy for the likely future failure of primary cement or resin.

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Dive deeper, explore the Wel-lok™ TDAP (Thermally Deformable Annular Packer)

The Wel-lok™ TDAP (Thermally Deformable Annular Packer) was developed as a preventative tool to be run as part of the original casing string.

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