Repair Damaged Tubing / Casing (CLS)

When a well has damaged casing or a connection leak, the well must be shut in until it has been remediated, costing the operator in reduced production.

Wel-lok™ can repair the leaking casing, restoring the integrity of the casing without reducing the casing ID. This allows operators to re-complete the well and resume production using standard completion tools due to the full-bore ID achieved.

Squeezing highly viscous cement or resin isn’t possible with small casing damage and no injection, something BiSN’s unique alloys can easily overcome.

Wel-lok™ Casing Leak Seal (CLS)

BiSN overcome the shortcomings of traditional methods of sealing tubing and casing leaks. Designed with flexibility in mind, the system can be used to isolate a small leak with a single seal or run as a straddle assembly to isolate larger intervals. The through-bore configuration allows for production to continue during the well intervention as well as providing access for wireline tools to be run. Alternatively, it can be milled out to achieve a full drift without compromising the integrity of the gas-tight seal.

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Dive deeper, explore the Wel-lok™ CLS (Casing Leak Seal)

The Wel-lok™ CLS (Casing Leak Seal) was developed to address the shortcomings of traditional methods in sealing leaks in tubings and casings.

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