BiSN recently granted 100th patent for precision oil & gas technology 

BiSN has been granted its 100th global patent. It’s not about just one idea, but rather developing several ideas into a series of downhole products, applications, and solutions that BiSN has now successfully deployed across the globe. Critical thinking and technological agility are what set us apart. Our ability to work quickly in the field and deliver long-term, sustainable solutions is key to our ongoing success.

Real world testing, application, and deployments

Since 2010 the BiSN team has worked to perfect its performance barrier technologies going through real world testing and this hard-won effort has now resulted in more than 300 deployments for major operators worldwide. Success like this only comes from true thought leadership and grit, starting at the top of BiSN, but only made possible by the diligence and perseverance of the entire BiSN team.

From applications to technologies

BiSN’s granted patents range from across our different applications and our conveyance methods, to our custom technology. Our granted patents include but are not limited to the list below:

  1. Releasable unique eutectic alloys
  2. Thermally deformable annular packers
  3. Controlled chemical heat sources
  4. Casing/tubing disposal
  5. Reactive thermite clusters

These BiSN developed technologies all combine with both proven and custom conveyance methods to deliver environmentally sound solutions for operators worldwide. BiSN has worked diligently to deliver and continuously improve environmentally sound solutions to major operators worldwide.

Currently BiSN deploys its patented technology across various downhole applications including intervention, production enhancement, well abandonment and completions. BiSN will look to continuously adapt to develop new applications for its technology across the oil and gas sector.

See our granted patents and technology in real world applications by viewing these key case studies.

Case Studies – BiSN