Are you attending the SPE Aberdeen Well Abandonment Seminar?


If you are planning on attending the SPE Aberdeen Well Abandonment Seminar to be held on 27 June then look out for BiSN in the exhibition hall at Booth 11. As the seminar is focusing on P & A, responsibility on sharing information and improving uneconomic wells then you may be interested in hearing about the new award winning technology from BiSN. Our innovative and ground breaking sealing solution was purposely designed for well abandonment to replace the traditional elastomer and cement bridge plugs. However this technology, which is so new that the patents are still pending, also has applications across all stages of the well.

Do you want to prolong the life of a well or increase production?…


Let’s be honest most executives, engineers or oil operators are going to say yes to at least one of these questions aren’t they? BiSN are proud to present the award winning Wel-lok M2M™ technology which provides multiple benefits in downhole sealing, whether you are looking for water shut off, annular casing packer, plug and abandonment, rigless well abandonment, sand screen completions or open hole gravel packing, and the list goes on. Basically where-ever you require a gas or water tight seal our new technology can provide the solution in a more reliable, permanent and environmentally friendly method than the traditional seals.

How does the BiSN Wel-lok M2M™ Innovative Technology work?


Instead of relying on elastomer and cement seals, the BiSN Wel-lok M2M™ technology uses bismuth alloys to create a metal to metal (M2M) seal. This is achieved by heating the alloy using a modified thermite heater. As the alloy heats and turns into a molten state with a similar viscosity to water it then flows into the area requiring sealing filling all the small crevices and even can be used in corroded or damaged casings. As it cools this then forms the permanent, gas and water tight metal to metal seal. It is ready for testing within one hour. For a more detailed explanation see our website


What are the corporate benefits of the Wel-lok M2M™ for well abandonment?


The Wel-lok M2M™ sealing solution provides numerous benefits:

  • Environmental security
  • Bismuth alloys are inert so not affected by corrosion
  • Enhanced corporate responsibility
  • Reduced time and cost to plug and abandon
  • Longer lasting and reliable sealing solution – no seal deterioration
  • Highest level of accreditation – VO ISO 14130
  • Backed by major oil industry investors

If you are still not sure come and chat to us at the SPE Aberdeen Well Abandonment event – you will find us at Booth 11.


If you would like to get in touch before the SPE Aberdeen Well Abandonment Seminar or you would like to arrange to meet us during the event then you can contact us on +1 832 919 7500 or email

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