BiSN capture the downhole seals market by storm

Downhole Seals

BiSN is repeatedly proving its worth to the oil and gas industries in the downhole seals solutions market. Although a relatively new entrant to the field, BiSN and its experienced leadership team bring innovation and realistic solutions, tackling age old downhole sealing problems from a new perspective.

From its inauguration only seven years ago the BiSN business has rapidly gained respect from major players in the oil and gas industry as you can see from the quality of their investors. With the backing and endorsement of their groundbreaking downhole seal solutions by some of the key players in the industry BiSN continue to go from strength to strength.

“BP has a strong track record of developing differentiated technologies and we see the BISN technology as a key enabling technology with potential applications across the BP global portfolio. That’s why BP Ventures is pleased to further strengthen the collaborative relationship with BiSN through this investment.”

Luis Alcoser Ventures Principal – Upstream for BP

Their credibility grows with every site test and involvement demonstrating the wel-lok™ technology on their range of products in the field, whether it is for well completion, intervention or abandonment. For more information on site tests you can read about the case studies on their new website

Although BiSN are still a relatively small enterprise in an industry renowned for major operators, its management team has big ideas, which again were highlighted and backed up by the achievement of winning the ICoTA Intervention Award earlier this year. The wel-lok™ WSO (Water Shut Off) tool demonstrated to the ICoTA judges the improvement to the well when this downhole seal technology was used at the intervention stage; reducing water cut, increasing oil production as well as reducing environmental impact and minimising risks to the operators. For a more detailed report about this award see

Furthermore BiSN were highlighted as an exciting downhole seal technology company in the BP suite at OTC which shows BP endorsing the BiSN technology to the industry.

The leadership team at BiSN is very excited about the future of the uptake of their innovative technology in the use of downhole seals across the industry. Building on this strong foundation and interest from high profile investors, they look forward to discussing opportunities for using the wel-lok™ technology in various applications at all stages of the well.

For more information about how this new technology could work for your business you can contact the team at BiSN on +1 832 919 7500 or email [email protected].

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