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BiSN - About the TeamBiSN - About the Team


Alloy invented

Like so many startups, BiSN was created by a founder on a mission, to create and perfect a technology that had the potential to disrupt. Working alongside his children, BiSN’s founder Paul Carragher created the first thermite heater with a custom Bismuth alloy.


BiSN founded, first patent applied for

With engineering support from Andrew Engineering and Malcolm Lee, BiSN was founded. From the beginning BiSN wanted to protect its intellectual property and filed for its first patent.


Conoco Philips funds testing of new technology

After seeing the technology at a conference, Conoco Philips agrees to fund BiSN testing and development.


BiSN tests in Catoosa

BiSN runs 6 test in the V0 testing facility with varying success. The tests prove there is great potential for the technology, but it required future development.


Further Investment from Conoco Phillips

Recognising the potential of the technology, Conoco Philips invests further in BiSN including buying shares in the company.


Schlumberger and GE invest in BiSN

After more testing Schlumberger and GE decide to invest in BiSN to further develop the technology and associated applications.


BP invests in BiSN

Following several meetings BP opts to invest in BiSN technology and development.


First Houston Workshop


First commercial run of a BiSN tool

BiSN runs its first commercial application of the Wel-lok™ CLS (Casing Leak Seal) tool in the Permian Basin.

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First Offshore Deployment


BiSN wins ICoTA Intervention Award

BiSN wins Prestigious ICoTA Award for its Wel-lok™ WSO (Water Shut Off) tool.

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First West Africa Subsea Deployment


23,000 sq ft Warrington Facility Opened

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April 2018

BiSN receives two Offshore Achievement Awards

BiSN receives two Offshore Achievement Awards including the Great Company-SME award, recognising excellence in SME performance in the offshore energy sector.

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BiSN - R&D Solutions Partnership


BiSN Signs Partnership Deal with R&D Solutions


BiSN Signs Partnership Deal with Al Mansoori

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September 2021

BiSN signs groundbreaking deal with ADNOC

BiSN awarded with contract from the ADNOC Group resulting in the first ever deployment in the Middle East.

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BiSN Opens Office in Abu Dhabi

April 2022

300 global deployments

BiSN achieves 300 deployments worldwide!

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June 2022

100th global patent

BiSN is granted its 100th global patent.

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BiSN - Aberdeen

July 2022

BiSN opens Aberdeen sales office

BiSN opens a sales office to be in the centre of the North Sea oil and gas hub.

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