Performance Barrier Technologies

Discover the lower carbon, more sustainable way to seal forever

How it works

Seal safer, protect forever

Sealing methods that use non-permanent materials such as cement, elastomers and resins cannot solve well issues like water production and gas migration reliably for the long term.

BiSN’s unique Performance Barrier Technologies allow operators to solve unwanted downhole flow issues once and for all – sealing across the life of the well with confidence to assure uptime, improve production, extend well life and ultimately to abandon safely.

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The barrier that’s beyond compare

Performance Barrier Technologies from BiSN utilize new eutectic sealing alloys — enabling precise placement of a high endurance, metal-to-metal, gas-tight seal

For the life of your well, and beyond

Protecting your production, your people and the environment for the long term demands operators can hold back downhole liquids and gases reliably and definitively.