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Downhole Well Solutions:
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BiSN’s innovative bismuth-based sealing technologies – Wel-lokTM extend the life of your well and permanently solve downhole flow issues so you can maximize production from all your assets.

Sealing methods that use non-permanent materials alone such as cement, elastomers and resins cannot solve well issues like water production and gas migration reliably for the long term.

BiSN’s unique field-proven Performance Barrier Technologies allow operators to solve unwanted downhole flow issues once and for all – sealing across the life of the well with confidence to assure uptime, improve production, extend well life and ultimately to abandon safely, and forever.

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Developing unmatched Performance Barrier Technologies that deliver a superior seal that endures demands original thinking in materials science, engineering and manufacturing.

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BiSN Sustainable Oil Well Plugs

Applications for Wel-lok™

Bismuth-based alloy barriers. Led by innovation. Made possible by perfected thermite chemical reaction heaters and unique conveyance methods. For the life of your well, and beyond.

Protecting your production, your people and the environment for the long term demands operators can hold back downhole liquids and gases reliably and definitively.

Performance Barrier Technologies from BiSN utilize patented sealing alloys — enabling precise placement of a high endurance, gas-tight seal.

Well Completion

Elastomer seals and cement have been used for decades to seal the annulus between casings yet they have a high failure rate. Remediation using cement or resin squeezes leads to expensive, difficult and unreliable workovers. Now you can take preventative action by installing Wel-lokTM at completion and rest easy should traditional technology fail that you can remediate fast and at a low cost.

Well Intervention

Take decisive action to resolve well issues rapidly and safely enhancing your production and maximising the producing life of your assets. BiSN Performance Barrier Technologies make it possible to isolate zones shutting off water production, repair damaged tubing or casing, repair leaking production packers, seal perforations, permanently seal multiple annuli and eliminate gas migration and casing pressure, plus many more….

Well Plug & Abandonment

Seal Safer, Protect Forever. Once. Elastomer and cement plugs deteriorate over time and with liability attached and release never a given, even after sale, obligations can remain around future decommissioning costs. Our patented Wel-lok™ technology ensures the permanent plugging and abandonment of oil and gas wells. Eliminate corporate liability with a gas-tight seal using alloys and abandon with confidence.


Bismuth-based alloy well solutions. Led by innovation. Powered by thermite.

Performance Barrier Technologies from BiSN utilize patented sealing alloys — enabling precise placement of a high endurance, gas-tight seal.

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Global Deployments

Innovation travels fast and reaches far. As BiSN’s reputation grows, so do our success stories of increased oil and gas production, interventions and permanent plug & abandonments. More than ever before, businesses around the globe are benefitting from our faster, safer downhole well solutions.

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Engineering the Future and
Delivering Excellence

Businesses worldwide are benefitting from our innovative downhole solutions.

Case Studies

Our performance barrier technologies have been proven in the field hundreds of times across all regions, onshore and offshore, high pressure/temperature/deviation sealing casing/tubing from 3.5”OD to 30”OD. Discover the range of downhole challenges faced by operators, and how BiSN has helped address them.

Rigless Production Packer Repair in water injection wells in the Middle East

The customer had multiple water injection wells that were experiencing A-annulus pressure due to unseated production packers.

Repairing a production casing leak for a Canadian operator

A Canadian operator had a well with a leak in the 7" production casing. The leak zone had good cement behind the production casing but was unable to hold pressure, losing more than 250 PSI over 10 minutes.
Papua New Guinea BiSN Case Study

Setting a Tubing Seal for permanent abandonment for Papua New Guinea operator

An onshore well in Papua New Guinea was being permanently abandoned. A cement plug was previously set in the well without success.

First rigless P&A in Gulf of Mexico offshore without section milling. Stopped gas migration in the annulus using V0 qualified seal

Plug and Abandonment with Wel-lok™ Cement Repair Tool (CRT)

Wel-lokTM in Action

Videos explaining the BiSN Technology.

Shut off water producing zones with the Water Shut Off (WSO) tool, seal through multiple annuli in a single run with the Seal Through Casing (STC) tool, repair leaking production packers with the Packer Repair Tool (PRT), plus many more….

Stay ahead of the curve and learn how Wel-lok™ can augment your current remediation and abandonment processes.

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Water Shut Off - WSO

BiSN’s Wel-lok WSO (Water Shut Off) in wells tool is the next step in well solutions technology. Patented and proven in the field, this revolutionary tool reduces unwanted water production from wells that have sand screen and open hole gravel pack completions (OHGP).

Seal Through Casing - STC

BiSN's Wel-lok™ PRT (Packer Repair Tool) seals multiple annuli in a single run by creating a new seal in the production by casing annulus. Sealing a production annulus with a PRT™ eliminates the need to remove a production string from a well to replace the packer, reducing operator costs and downtime while introducing a superior seal in the well.

Cement Repair Tool - CRT

Our Wel-lok™ CRT (Cement Repair Tool) eliminates casing pressure and vent flow in cemented annuli. While traditional methods of perf and squeeze require surface pumping pressure, our CRT solutions are designed to run rigless on electric line to eliminate gas migration in minutes.

Packer Repair Tool - PRT

BiSN’s Wel-lok™ PRT has been carefully developed to create a superior seal in the production annulus and reduce operating costs. No matter where you are in the world, our well interventions tool has been there, sealed quickly, and increased the oil production of the well in one trip.

Technology Patents

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