Case Studies

Water Shut Off Application in Algeria May 2018

Identification of problem

A client encountered a well that was producing excessive water from the lower zone of a well. This was not only increasing the volume of water being produced which increased handling and disposal costs, but also decreasing the volume of hydrocarbon produced.

This well is produced through a slotted liner. Traditional methods of isolating a lower producing zone by setting bridge plugs in the liner would baffle the water production but not shut it off. Annular isolation in open-hole was required at elevated temperature (150 °C) and the toolstring had to pass through a 3.5” restriction.

A Wel-lok™ WSO was set inside the 4 ½” slotted liner to isolate the well out to the 6” open-hole.


The WSO was successfully set as planned. No results on water cut or oil production have been reported from the client. This was the first commercial field run of BiSN’s Wel-lok technology in Algeria.