Case Studies

Water Shut Off from a LWIV in Offshore Angola February / March 2019

Well Intervention with Wel-lok™ WSO

Identification of problem

An operator in Angola, Africa, encountered excessive water production for the lower zone of 2 separate subsea wells with open-hole gravel pack completions. This was not only increasing the volume of water being produced, increasing handling and disposal costs, but also decreasing the volume of hydrocarbon produced.

Each of these tools were set at high deviation, around 50°, and required tractors to reach setting depths. With wire wrap screens, shunt tubes and proppant in the open hole formation, the alloy had to flow through some very small, tight restrictions to seal off the well.

A light well intervention vessel (LWIV) was used to deploy and set a Wel-lok™ WSO tool on e-line inside the 5” base pipe of each well, sealing through the base pipe and gravel pack screen and mixing with the proppant out to the 8.5” open-hole formation.


The client has reported the wells are showing an average increase in oil production of 1,200 bopd per well. These were the first BiSN tools to be deployed utilizing a LWIV.