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BiSN recently granted 100th patent for precision oil & gas technology 

June 23rd, 2022 by

BiSN has been granted its 100th global patent. It’s not about just one idea, but rather developing several ideas into a series of downhole products, applications, and solutions that BiSN has now successfully deployed across the globe. Critical thinking and technological agility are what set us apart. Our ability to work quickly in the field and deliver long-term, sustainable solutions is key to our ongoing success.

Real world testing, application, and deployments

Since 2010 the BiSN team has worked to perfect its performance barrier technologies going through real world testing and this hard-won effort has now resulted in more than 300 deployments for major operators worldwide. Success like this only comes from true thought leadership and grit, starting at the top of BiSN, but only made possible by the diligence and perseverance of the entire BiSN team.

From applications to technologies

BiSN’s granted patents range from across our different applications and our conveyance methods, to our custom technology. Our granted patents include but are not limited to the list below:

  1. Releasable unique eutectic alloys
  2. Thermally deformable annular packers
  3. Controlled chemical heat sources
  4. Casing/tubing disposal
  5. Reactive thermite clusters

These BiSN developed technologies all combine with both proven and custom conveyance methods to deliver environmentally sound solutions for operators worldwide. BiSN has worked diligently to deliver and continuously improve environmentally sound solutions to major operators worldwide.

Currently BiSN deploys its patented technology across various downhole applications including intervention, production enhancement, well abandonment and completions. BiSN will look to continuously adapt to develop new applications for its technology across the oil and gas sector.

See our granted patents and technology in real world applications by viewing these key case studies.

Case Studies – BiSN



300 global deployments

April 4th, 2022 by

BiSN achieves 300 deployments worldwide!

In the energy world, you’ll read many stats. Here’s some more for you: 300. For BiSN, that number is the culmination of 12 years of hard work. It’s the result of 150 years of combined experience from across the industry and around the world. It’s the reward for our absolute commitment to innovation.

Achieving our ambitious milestone of 300 successful commercial deployments worldwide is an accomplishment to be proud of. From Alaska to Australia via North and South America, via Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. Onshore, offshore. High temperature. High pressure. With effective technology and most importantly of all, quantifiable benefits we’re delivering long-term, reliable solutions for our clients across the globe, to solve unwanted downhole flow issues – sealing across the life of the well with confidence to assure uptime, improve production and extend well life.

For you, the numbers that really count are in well production, operating life and economics, as well as environmental impacts. We’ve delivered, across 300 client projects on those metrics, and that’s continues to put BiSN front, middle and center of the map.

A huge thank you to our customers for their support in us reaching this milestone. They have been, and continue to be pioneers of the use of our ground-breaking Wel-lok™ technology. 1000 deployments here we come!

Take a look at these recent case studies including Wel-lok™ WSO increasing production and operating life for a super major in Malaysia. Learn how our sealing technologies are solving well issues worldwide and if you’re ready to discover the lower carbon, more sustainable way to seal, get in touch today. We’d love to put another pin on the map.

OWI Global Awards Winners

December 9th, 2021 by

Proud to say we’re winners in the Best Project Outcome category at this year’s OWI awards

When Aker BP ASA demanded a forward thinking company to seal 30 of their wells, BiSN is who they turned to.

Using our patented BiSN Wel-lok™ technology, our team set a world record for the heaviest bismuth alloy plugs ever – providing a permanent, gas tight, non-permeable seal with a 3000+ year life expectancy – infield tested and delivered ahead of schedule for our customer.

Thanks to all our team for an excellent job well done.

Find out more about BiSN’s unique performance barrier technologies here.


World-first offshore packer repair

October 25th, 2021 by

$30m and 12 months saved in world-first offshore packer repair with our barrier technology.

We delivered a world first to bring a high rate offshore well in Australia back into production faster by performing a rigless repair to a leaking production packer. By deploying our Wel-lok™ PRT (Packer Repair Tool) on a wireline, the major Australian operator, Woodside Energy shortened project execution by over 12 months and saved $30m compared to HWU intervention – eliminating the need to remove the production string from the well.

The V0 rated sealing of the casing annulus by our bismuth-based alloy Performance Barrier Technology created a new, enduring seal in the production tubing with no restriction to production flow.


New tool manufactured and delivered in just four days

October 19th, 2021 by

During the abandonment of a well, off the California coast, a major operator identified that traditional cement wasn’t providing the quality of seal they desired, as the well was leaking gas up a cemented annulus – we acted fast to ensure the well was abandoned with no environmental impact. 

By leveraging our unique alloy-based Performance Barrier Technologies platform, we were able to manufacture and deliver a tool up to the job, in just four days – with over 5,000 pounds of bismuth-based alloy – to seal out an 18 5/8″ casing.

As an alternative to traditional cement plugs, this was the fourth tool successfully deployed during their current P&A campaign on addressing leaking gas in cemented annuli (vent flow). Even the first to get the seal of approval from the local whales!

Successful abandonment in the Permian Basin

September 29th, 2021 by

After multiple failures with cement squeezes, learn how Chevron eliminated casing pressure and gas bubbles at surface using our bismuth-based alloy Performance Barrier Technology and by simply deploying our Wel-lok™ CRT on wireline. The well was successfully bubble tested, resulting in zero bubbles at surface, allowing the operator to complete the permanent well abandonment. The technique is now being used successfully on an additional two wells. Read the case study

Middle Eastern Expansion

September 22nd, 2021 by

We are delighted to announce the signing of an exclusive agreement with the Middle East’s leading energy service provider – AlMansoori Specialized Engineering – to further expand our deployment activity in this hugely important region.

A partnership that will leverage the vast experience and geographical reach of AlMansoori’s 4,000 employees and operations across 15 countries, to take our offering to the next level.

This agreement will complement our customer global base which includes Shell, bp, ExxonMobil, Aker BP ASA, Chevron and ConocoPhillips.

BiSN signs groundbreaking deal with ADNOC

September 21st, 2021 by

Wel-lok™ contract officially signed with ADNOC Group

We are proud to announce the signing of a contract with ADNOC Group which will result in the first ever deployment in the Middle East that utilises BiSN’s ground-breaking Wel-lok™ technology.

Scheduled to take place in Q4 of this year – this will mark an important deployment in the intervention sector for BiSN. Keep a look out for more updates as the project gets underway.

Decom North Sea 2021 Award

May 24th, 2021 by

We are honored to have received the Decom North Sea 2021 Award for Technical Innovation in Decommissioning.

The Wel-lok M2M technology has been deployed in over 200+ applications throughout the world. In our most recent campaign with Aker BP ASA in the North Sea, our tools were able to provide a rigless and time saving solution through a permanent and environmental barrier to over 30 wells.

Wel-lok technology utilized in the North Sea

May 12th, 2021 by

On the 12 May BiSN was proud to have our Wel-lok technology utilized in the North Sea with Aker BP ASA on their Valhall Field Center campaign. The results speak for themselves by reducing the time and equipment needed to effectively provide a permanent, environmental barrier and top seal for the over 30 wells.